Identity And Personality Issues

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a person who asked me if I was a Universe person. I followed with “Aren’t we all Universe people? What’s a Universe person?”

Trust me, I knew exactly what she meant but I didn’t want to give in her attempt to categorize me, because I feel like once people put us in a category it’s like we are stuck and can’t get out.

The older I get, the less tolerance I seem to have for labels. However, I have to say, I used to be really guilty of labeling stuff. Fortunately, today, I understand how pointless and limiting labels are.

But, I’m not stupid, I understand why people like and choose them. It gives them a sense of identity.

Most people find a lot of comfort in their racial, cultural, familial, sexual, educational, social and spiritual background. They feel a sense of belonging. It gives them security and safety. If something goes wrong, they can find fault in the label rather than in themselves.

But when it comes to me, I think labels and boxes are the reason why a lot of people feel misplaced in the first place. They appose way too many limitations on the full development of individual potential.

What I mean by that is that not everything about a label represents a person’s personality full spectrum. For instance, let’s take the label “geek”.

For most people, that label implies being a shy introvert good with computers and technology. However, what if they are not entirely introverted? What if they are ambivert? Does the label still apply to them? What if that person decides to change completely at some point in her life?

You see, I like the freedom of being able to explore and discover new facets of my personality because I’m fully aware that life is a spectrum.

The more I study success and successful people, the more I realize that successful people are successful because they allow themselves to explore. They are opened and comfortable with change and exploring the unknown. They self-actualize.

Arnold Schwarzenegger began his career as a body builder, then he became an actor. Few years after that, he was elected Governor of California. Now he’s back to being an actor.

He’s just one example among many. Some people went from being elementary teachers or lawyers to traveling motivational speakers…etc. There are even weirder combinations out there. It was just to name a few.

This shows how important self-actualization is for success in any area of life.

Don’t let yourself be stuck in a box with a label on it. Your gender, age, skin color, “race”, family, education, religion, spirituality and sexuality should never limit your full potential.

You are allowed to change and be your own individual.

Of course some people will think you’re bizarre. But that’s because they have no idea who they are without a label. Those people usually never really become more than what they think they are allowed to. They live within the boundaries of specific sets of rules.

Most people have no personality and no backbone because they have no individuality. Don’t let it be you.

Unlike many people think, identity is not found in how we dress, speak or in the food we eat and the kind of music we listen to.

Identity and personality are a spectrum. And we fall somewhere on that spectrum depending on where we are in life.

So ditch the labels. Kick the boxes.

Explore. Allow yourself to become more.

Build your own character. Build a backbone.

Allow yourself to be the multi-dimensional being that you already are.

You’ll be surprised.

Trust me, you’ll see and do more.

Your story will be much more interesting to tell.

If you are not your own person, you have no personality.

If you have no personality, you have no identity.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way












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