How To Calm An Overthinking Mind – Insomnia

If you’re like me and half of the population, you probably have an overthinking mind. With technology available 24/7 and the craziness of life, it’s sometimes hard to shut down.

And when we do somehow succeed to shut down a bit, our monkey mind often time takes over, preventing many people from sleeping at night. Some us have been experiencing insomnia for quite a long time. We jump in and out of sleep and wake up feeling restless.

So what can we do about the monkey?

If you would have asked me that question couple years ago, I would have not known what to answer. But fortunately today, I’m a bit more self-aware and found ways that work for me. Maybe it can help you, who knows?

Here’s a very short list of 4 things that are quite beneficial for the mind.

1. Let go : Letting go will never go out of fashion. It is actually the best way to gain back control over the mind.  We all have worries, regrets, pains and we all have been hurt before.

However, holding on to past grudges and mistakes activate the monkey.

Worrying about the future is even worst. We go into a frenzy. Well, the only way to stop the frenzy is to let go. Just talk to the monkey and tell it “Let that shit go now. It all serves a purpose.”

2. Believe : That’s another important one. No matter how bad the situation seems to be, there is always hope. But we have to play our part. Hope alone does not do much if we don’t believe.

If you doubt yourself and the Universe all the time, the monkey will play tricks on you. Believe in yourself.

The Universe always conspires in helping us achieve our goals and becoming our greatest version.

3. Apologize : I bet you didn’t expect that one. But it helps a lot. If you treated someone like crap or you know you did something wrong, let go of your ego and apologize without expecting them to do it in return. Be the bigger and wiser person. Don’t expect something expensive from cheap people.

4. Forgive and Bless : Oh yeah. Forgive and bless those who have hurt you. Forgive and bless those who have abandoned you. Forgive and bless those who have deserted you.

Why? Because a) you deserve peace and b) they are less fortunate than you. What I mean by that is that anyone who feels desperate will resort to desperate measures. If they are disgusting inside, they will act disgustingly. Anyone who tries to pull you down is already below you.

People on top of their game will try to pull you up with them.

People below their game will try to bring you down with them same way.

So make sure you’re on top of your game and pulling others up even if they’re trying to bring you down.

If you’re able to do that, you’re a winner, trust me.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







3 thoughts on “How To Calm An Overthinking Mind – Insomnia

  1. Oh gosh! I wouldn’t enjoy not going right to sleep at night because I’m over-thinking. I have to let whatever go, or it’ll be light out before I know it. I typically hum a spiritual song when I climb into bed. That seems to override any over-thinking for me. My thoughts are that we have replace the tendency to over-think with something else. Otherwise, we’ll keep doing it. Your suggestions are certainly swell, and thankfully, they don’t advise us to count sheep!

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