Cause And Effect – Is Karma Real? A Deep Look

This topic has been talked about many times before, mainly in Buddhism but also in many other religions.

Nonetheless, you know me. I like to think deep and I got my own style. I encourage you to think for yourself here and follow me down the gerbil hole.

I’m going to approach the topic from a non-religious/spiritual vintage point. Purely scientific and a bit philosophical.

Maybe that’ll make sense for you.

Most people think Karma is that thing that makes sure bad deeds are punished. But what happens when even Karma fails? We’ve seen it. Some bad people lie, cheat, abuse, murder, etc, and get away with it…. Or it seems like it.

From a scientific point of view, Nature and the Universe are governed by laws. One of those laws is cause and effect. It rains (cause), therefore the ground gets wet (effect). The rain itself is merely just an effect of a previous cause that was once an effect. Causes become effects. Effects become causes. Nature and Physics work according to causal loops. It’s a fact, there is no need to believe it for it to be true. Everybody can observe that. So far so good.

So if we look at real life events from the law of cause and effect stand point, there is no way that causes (actions/decisions) don’t come with effects (consequences). Everything has its equal opposite.

But somehow, I can hear someone say: “But there are people who murder and never get caught and seem to live their life perfectly fine.”

Or maybe you’ve been done unfairly in the past and they got away with it.

Are you sure? It only seems like that at first glance.

Let’s demystify this from the law of cause and effect.

Alright. Let’s say John Doe murders someone and get away with it. Now, there are 3 main effects that will derive from his action.

Effect #1. Haunted by his dark desires : John Doe didn’t get caught after his first murder. While the victim’s family and friends are consumed by rage and grief, he seems to feel pretty good about it. However, in this one perspective, he becomes perpetually consumed by the idea/desire of doing it again which puts him at risk of getting caught if he does give in to the desire a second and a third time. If he does not give in to the desire, he will eventually go back to the crime scene and this is usually how they get caught. If he does not go back, never do it again and never get caught, he will spend the rest of his days obsessing over this idea.

Effect #2. Haunted by paranoia : From this second vintage point, John is haunted by the fear of being caught so he lives the rest of his life in paranoia. We can then think of many scenarios in which he puts himself at risk of being caught.

Effect #3. Haunted by regrets : In this third perspective, he cant sleep at night because he realizes what a mistake he’s made.

So you see, all of those effects are somehow karmic effects. They are the results of his actions. Sure, he didn’t get caught -yet- but he is being consumed by what he did either way. He will live mentally/emotionally unstable the rest of his life and that is where the karma acts.

Let’s take another less extreme example. Jane cheated on her boyfriend/girlfriend in her past relationship. Will she eventually get cheated on in her new relationship? Maybe not. But here’s what’s happening and where the karma takes place.

Effect #1. Haunted by the desire to do it again : Jane didn’t get caught so she feels pretty good about that. However, she’s now consumed by the idea of doing it again which puts her at risk to now get caught.

Effect #2. haunted by paranoia : She has trust issues. She accuses everyone she dates of cheating and lying which creates tension.

Effect #3 Haunted by regrets : She realizes she broke people’s heart and cant forgive herself. She’s got a very bad reputation and nobody wants to date her.

So you see, if you look at karma from the law of cause and effect, it is real. However, it does not always happen externally. Karma is often something that takes place internally within the person’s mind and life.

Life’s a chain of cause and effects. B always causes C which always causes D etc… It’s a loop.

Did John and Jane get caught or did something bad happen to them? No. And of course, from everyone’s perspective it’s unfair because they don’t understand that the Karma has taken place internally. The effects of their actions are there, whether we can see them they can feel them or not.

They are emotionally/psychologically unstable people and smart people around them or who have come in contact with them will be able to testify that. Healthy people are usually able to recognize those who are not.

Either way, they surely activated a cause and effect loop. And that’s what life is. We all live in causal loops. We’re all creating karmic loops. Many of us are even stuck in loops.

Now,  I don’t want to scare you if you happen to find yourself in a bad loop. There is a way out.

The first step is to realize that you are stuck in an undesirable karmic causal loop. Identify the loop. It could be anything. Some people are stuck in bad relationship loops, financial difficulty loops, illness loops, destructive loops, etc…

The second step is to reach inside deep within and look at what is causing the loop. If you seem to always meet the wrong kind of people, the root cause could be low self-esteem or lack of self-love. What needs healing in your life?

If you seem to be unable to escape financial poverty, the root cause could be fear of success or anything hindering financial abundance. What keeps you in a poor state of mind? What are the self-limiting beliefs? Etc…

Find the root cause, stop the old loop. Start a new loop.

If you refuse to look within and choose to point the finger at people. I want you to realize that you are giving your power away. If you think that the root cause of every misery in your life is “other”, you will forever remain stuck and consumed in whatever causal loop you find yourself in right now.

With that being said, I’m aware that some of us have been unfairly treated. Maybe you’ve been sexually molested, violently abused, ignored, rejected, abandoned, adopted, lied to, cheated on, victimized through war, bullied, etc, and you are going through hell trying to find equilibrium in your life.

I’m going to tell you why you feel like you’re the only one suffering and that justice is not being made.

The main reason is because victims often take on karma that is not theirs. They get stuck in a causal loop that was not created by them. Therefore the loop is not for them.

If you’re not the one who made the action and took the decision to molest, lie, cheat, reject, bully, abandon, abuse… do not take on the effects. Leave the loop. Let go. This is not your karmic causal loop. Get out. The loop is consuming you. Unless you like it there, as long as you don’t break away, you will feel like justice is not being made.

Revenge, rage, depression are unhealthy and keep you stuck in a time loop.

Release now.

Even if you feel like justice is not being made, it is. All it takes is one witness to talk. And sometimes, the witness and the victim is the same person. Usually, people who do you wrong are scared shitless of you. What if you talk, revolt and expose them? That’s why they either ignore/reject you or make sure you don’t talk.

Never underestimate your own power.

The Universe’s test will be  your testimony.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way











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