The Healing Side Effects Of Happiness

Happiness. A word, a state that human beings pursue. Sometimes relentlessly. Sometimes dangerously. Other times blindly.

Only if we all knew that happiness cannot be pursued. We can all be happy and experience the healing side effects of happiness. It’s not something reserved for the rich.

The greatest medicine of all time is free and at everyone’s reach.

And you know what’s even more magical about it? It is subjective and personal. It can take whatever form works for you.

I’m not one to judge. Family? Friends? Money? Lamborghini? Sex? Gucci? Louis V? A walk in the valley? Books and study? Fame? Arts? Success story? Technology? Hippie? Community?

Jump off a plane if you will… just do it. Be it. Go for your healing.

The greatest version of yourself will always be the one who is happy.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way





there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy quote





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