Nothing Just Happens

Some people may argue that each and every single event in their life happened out of pure coincidence.

Those people are most likely in denial, deep in ignorance or unhappy with how their life turned out to be. The honest truth is that they feel powerless. Another truth is that they are not powerless. We are powerful.

Nothing just happens.

In the psychology of Carl Jung, they call it synchronicity or sometimes serendipity.

In the quantum physics of Albert Einstein and Max Planck they refer to entanglement. Every particle (and humans are also particles) is attached to one another and influence the whole.

Physicists Michio Kaku and Brian Greene call that the string theory. According to their theory we live in a multidimensional world with at most 11 dimensions that interact with one another. Since we are 3 dimensional beings, we are only aware of four (length, width, depth and time) but can only perceive and experience two dimensions at a time.

From old Egypt, they spoke of law of cause and effects and the law of correspondence. One event causes another one to occur until the infinity. The butterfly effect.

All of this is way before the Secret was published and made public. Those laws are not new age. They are as old as probably Earth itself.

So no. Nothing just happens out of the blue, whether you deliberately took action to cause an effect or not and whether you understand it or not.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way












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