Peace Of Mind

I know it was the American Thanksgiving yesterday and it is Black Friday all over the world right now, but I’m trying to keep this blog as holiday free as possible, in respect to every reader that comes here.

I want it to be a safe and neutral place.

That’s why I did not post anything about being grateful yesterday because I believe it shouldn’t be only once a year. I’m grateful everyday and you should as well.

Also I do not wish to debate whether what happens to 45 million turkeys is bad or not.

I believe it’s your choice, whether you choose to partake or not. It’s your consciousness.

Thanks for your understanding.

Peace of mind is everything and it can be found in all things.

Forgive, love, meditate, respect, let go and learn to accept things you cannot change yet.

Solutions are always available to whom seeks them.

Answers are never far away for they always come with questions.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way








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