2 Ways To Make Exceptionally Great Decisions

Right now I’m listening to Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever as I’m writing these lines. I often love listening to cheesy music from the 80’s when I’m writing a blog. It always puts me in a fantastic corny mood. It inspires and brings out the unicorn in me. Especially when I’m not feeling too too inspired.

I have to admit tho. My inspiration has dropped recently. I’m stressed the fuck out. I’m finding myself in a situation that can make or break me. It’s a matter of tact and right choice. Maybe you can relate. So I thought I would come up with 2 major ways to make exceptional decisions as a mean to strike great decision making ideas.


1) Listen to your heart : there is hard science at the Heart Math Institute that proves that the heart is a powerful magnetic system. We are emotional beings. Our feelings are just a way of thinking. Emotions are thoughts on a deeper level. It’s safe to listen to your heart.

2) Be authentic : each decision we make should reflect our true selves. It should always be in alignment with your core values. If you value loyalty, integrity and honesty, stay loyal, integrated and honest.

The best decisions we can ever make are the ones that allow us to sleep at night, regardless of whether we win big or loose big.

A hard learned lesson is worth more than a bitter victory that interferes with who you truly are.

What’s a victory if you feel defeated inside?


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way














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