Strange Paradoxes – Chicken And Egg

So which one came first? The chicken or the egg?

This has been pondering the mind of men ever since we have tried to explain reality.

Now you know how it goes, right? Everyone has its own theory (religion, science, psychology, spirituality, philosophy…etc.).

So who’s right?

Well… everyone and no one at the same time. It’s all happening simultaneously. It’s so simple yet so complex.

There is no chicken without egg. There is no egg without chicken. There is no way for one to exist if the other does not. Therefore, it must happen all at the same time or not at all. If the egg appears, the chicken appears. If the chicken disappears, the egg disappears.

Without seeds there are no trees. Without trees there are no seeds.

I know it’s very hard to make sense of this because we cannot picture it. If you try to explain it from a logical perspective, you will fry your brain. It’s a strange paradoxical loop with no beginning and no end.

The beginning of something is also the end of it. Starting something causes it to finish. When it finishes, another thing starts from what seems to be finished.

It’s hard for us to understand this magical divine concept because our mind cannot possibly grasp the idea that if something is that same thing also is not.

That which exists causes another thing to exist. That which does not exist causes another thing to not exist.

So what does this mean for you anyway?

Well, your reality, your life is nothing and everything at the same time.

Whatever you think is, is and whatever you think is not, is not.

In other words, what we choose to observe becomes observable and the only way to truly observe it, is to experience it by becoming it.

There is literally, somehow, no way around it.

You can make something out of nothing and nothing out of something because both things are one and the same.

You are even when you think you are not. You are not when you think you are. You are great even when you think you are not. You are not great when you think you are. This leaves room for never ending expansion and growth. And that is why they say the Universe is forever expanding.

You are forever growing and expanding.

There is no end to you my friend, nor is there a beginning.

I’ll let you ponder on that.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way








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