The Heart Math – Coherence Incoherence

This is no longer a well kept secret. The heart and the brain are biologically intimately connected to one another.

For your life to make sense and be effortless, from now on, your two organs must function in perfect harmony.

That is no New Age bullshit, booboo. It’s pure biology and neurosciences. As long as  your heart is in conflict with your brain or brain in conflict with your heart, you wont find peace and everything in your own personal world will feel extremely chaotic.

Now what does this mean anyway? How do we find coherence between heart and brain?

Well, here few tips :

– live where feels home

– surround yourself with positive people who loves your weirdness

– enjoy your career by doing work you ADORE

– believe in yourself even if you’re messed up (we’re all crazies)

– spend A LOT of time in nature (ground yourself)

– open your mind to change (overcome your fears)

– forgive yourself, let go, forgive others, let go (loose control)

– release resistance and trust the flow (the process is everything)

Easier said than done right? I mean look, you have to make it an habit to care about yourself not just others. Give it some time to grow on you and soon enough that’ll be like a second nature, if it’s not already.

Then just watch.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







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