Love Is Not Blind – The Truth

A bit of a light weight post for today. I just want to let you know that love is not blind as opposed to what the common man believes…

Love does NOT hurt, my friend. Sure, nothing is perfect. Understood. But at the end of the day, love will acknowledge the pain and heal you.

With that being said, to share this message I’ve chosen a beautiful reggae song by Queen Ifrica.

In the video we see different kinds of scenes designed to show the viewer what love is and what is not. Give it a watch and you might just fall in love with the song like I did.

It’s a great piece of art.


There’s a little window to explore
What genuine luv is
Would really like to know
Considerin’ every answers
Questions roll in more and more
Certainly unsure
Search ova hills and valleys
Every crevice of your mind
Many said it hope you get it straight

Luv is not blind
Read the signs yeah

(Verse 2)
Confusin’ signals will only
Make you more unsatisfied
Throw you out alive
Slowly but surely
You would luv to know who’s on your side
Don’t give your heart to lies
Some will neva tell you they luv you
While others repeat how much they do
Lots of stories from the days of glory don’t you worry

Luv is not blind
Read the signs yeah

(Verse 3)
The beauty of luv is easily identified
With or without your eyes
That luv that I’m thinkin’ of
You can feel it from a hundred miles
If you are a none believa
That grapes cannot turn into wine
Welcome revelation, tell it to the nation

Luv is not blind
Read the signs yeah

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way


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