Living On Borrowed Time – Part II

Hello, thanks for tuning in. If you read the most recent blog, you already know that I’m experiencing technical difficulties that prevent me from blogging daily as usual. It is 11:30pm eastern standard time on December 25th as I’m typing this from a tablet.

I couldn’t blog earlier today but I still wanted to reach out to you regardless of the time at which I would finally get to borrow a device.

Tomorrow Tuesday December 26th, I’m bringing my computer cable to repair. I should be back on regular schedule Wednesday December 27th 2017.

If you celebrate Christmas I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

If you celebrate another holiday (Hanukah, Kwanza, etc.) or don’t celebrate at all, I want you to know that it is perfectly fine and I support you.

If it was just for me, I don’t think I would celebrate at all. No Christmas, no Hanukah, no Kwanza, no bullshit. Just a human being grateful to experience life in the Universe at this time in history…

By the way, regardless of your beliefs or disbeliefs, you are unconditionally loved and equally worthy just like everybody else.

Whoever is trying to make you feel bad for your beliefs or non-beliefs does not understand how the Universe works. It’s far greater than any man alive.

Please stay tuned.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










3 thoughts on “Living On Borrowed Time – Part II

  1. TBH I think I am most drawn to Hanukah, but like you, prefer to totally go the independent route. This season is mostly a time for family and friends. Sorry about your computer problems, but maybe the timing was right. Maybe it allowed you to keep the season as you would wish and not feel pressured into pat roles we often take on because of the general environment.

    The more I move into this new conscious world, the more I realize that nothing happens apart from my wishes and making. Maybe there was a silent wish to just enjoy the season as you would.

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    1. Thank you for your time ART. Yes, yes and yes. I don’t think I could have said things better than you did.

      I absolutely agree and believe that everything happens for a reason. There is always an higher explanation. My laptop breaking down had a lot to do with my own vibrations you are totally correct.

      I needed a break and start the year with something more performance as you already know from my most recent post.

      Hopefully as is well with you.

      Infinite love and peace your way!

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