Hi, I have been trying to blog basically for the last 3 hours with an old Acer tablet that was landed to me.

 Altought I’m very grateful for the gesture, it is the worst piece of junk I’ve seen in my life. It deleted all my blog when trying to upload pictures at the end. I can no longer do this. 

I thought I could but I’m going to have to wait for my laptop to come back next week after the New Year.

Sorry for any inconveiences. 

Hope you’re doing fine. See you in the New Year. 

Wish you the best. Infinite love,wealth, happiness and success your way.

5 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Maybe this is just a cosmic nudge to give it a rest. Enjoy the holiday season. This is a time of some amazing conscious upgrades. Get your upgrades in peace. See you in the new year!

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    1. Thank you ART. Cosmic nudges are those things we often associate with “bad”. However when take time to really meditate on them, I agree, it is often for our own good.

      Hopefully you are doing well and your path is unfolding in your desired direction.

      Infinite love and peace your way!

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