I used to wake up wide awake in the middle of the night, crippled by fear. I still do from time to time but it’s not as frequent.

I have this fear of dying before my highest potential is reached, fear of never making it, fear of not achieving what I wish to achieve… Fear of ever being stuck in a tunnel without light.

But this is not why I’m sharing this with you. I’m writing this to let the Universe know that it is my sincere intention to win over my fears.

I believe it is possible for you to overcome your fears and not let them cripple you.

Whatever it is that you fear, my friend, I understand, but it is not real. Although it feels really real, something is playing tricks on you.

You can win and overcome.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way








3 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Last night we watched the movie After Earth. What you have just said was it’s whole premise. Fear is only reality in the mind that does the fearing.
    There are many reasons to fear, but just as many reasons to hope. I do believe that what we project is what materializes. So if we project fear of something, that is what shows up in our path. The same goes for hope. I do believe we have to choose between the two and create our destiny.

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