What About Pressure And Chaos?

Pressure is that thing that can either crush or build someone.

It has the power to push you outside of your comfort zone and help you reach horizons you’ve never expected to see before, but on the flipside, it has the same power to scare you and confine you into a box.

What is pressure anyway?

Pressure is your boss asking you to perform more.

Pressure is the competitive market place.

Pressure could be someone not believing in you and now they’re waiting for you to fail. It could also be someone putting all their hopes in you and waiting for you to succeed.

Pressure can be a bodily sickness slowly taking over your body. It can also be a mental illness like depression.

Pressure is the Matrix.

Pressure can be a relationship or a friendship demanding a lot of your time. Time that you barely even have for yourself.

Pressure could also be family or even the kids.

Pressure is and can be anything, anyone asking something more of you.

Now how can we handle pressure?

Well… I’m certainly not a fucking guru and I don’t know shit… but,  when all else fails my friend, I like to take everything I got and bet on the Universe.

Oh great! Some woohoo shit! Yes and so what? It works.

Nobody’s big enough.

Faith is one of the strongest muscle you will ever workout.

Trust the process. It’s there to shape the fuck out of you.

You’ve been blessed. You are blessed and you will keep being blessed.

Now, the jokes on you if you choose to believe anything else.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way





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