Polarity And Duality

Answers are born from questions.

Solutions are born from problems.

There are no questions without answers nor solutions without problems. Both are vibrationally tied together.

This could be no other way.

So when a problem appears before you, it also means a solution has come for you.

But on which of the two ends do you stand?

How about standing in the middle to get a bird eye view?


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way





One thought on “Polarity And Duality

  1. I was once asked if I am a singularity or duality person. I answered, neither, because singularity and duality exist as parts of one great whole. It is the great whole that I align to.
    Nothing that exists, exists for any other purpose in our reality except for our benefit. The trick is, when these items come up, what we do with them. Do we figure it out, and instead of letting circumstances drag us down, we find what they are there to teach us, and continue to climb the great ladder of an awesome existence. 😉


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