The Colors Of Thoughts

Our soul becomes dyed with the colors of our thoughts.

It is quite a nice metaphor to represents how the way we think affects the way we feel and not the other way around.

On a more spiritual note, a color can trigger an emotion and certain emotions remind us of certain colors.

There is apparently a correlation between the colors you choose to wear on a daily basis and the color of your thoughts.

What color are you wearing right now? It could indicate your current state.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way



2 thoughts on “The Colors Of Thoughts

  1. There are also spiritual meanings to colours. For example, right now I’m wearing blues and greens. These would be power/fear of the Almighty and expansion/verdure respectively. I have a whole chart on this and find myself wearing the colours which I will be working in that day quite frequently. It is not too different from your colour chart, but varies in some ways.


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