The Weapon Of Belief

Belief is a powerful thing to master.

It can either be a deadly weapon or a wonderful magic wand.

In fact, our beliefs can make or break us.

To believe that you are infinite and are limited to nothing, is to use belief as a magic wand to accomplish and overcome anything.

To believe that you are unworthy is to use belief as a deadly weapon to kill your self-esteem.

What’s tricky about it all is that sometimes, we don’t realize that what we believe is slowly killing us from the inside and sending our body to a premature death.

To change what we believe is to change everything else.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way




3 thoughts on “The Weapon Of Belief

    1. Thank you for your wise comment. Well, yes we do create our reality to some extent… However, I believe the great suffering of humans is that we do not know where we come from… Religion, Spirituality and Science do try to answer that very old existential question but the realistic truth is, nobody knows. So, since we have no real solid idea where we originated, we don’t know where we are going nor do we know our purpose as a whole. I don’t know. Just a profound personal opinion of mine. Don’t know what you think of that?

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      1. I think we need to remember. When we do we will find ourselves in a Sovereign position.

        In the meantime, it is wisely planned that our true nature is hidden from us and that we find ourselves feeling rather inconsequential, beset with problems, and weak. Our nature needs upgraded before we can see who we really are. Otherwise we could be quite the danger.


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