Embracing The Whole Of You

My life right now feels like a dilemma. However, about a week ago, I did not know why. I’m at another crossroads, but this time my location asks of me to embrace the whole of myself.

Sometimes, and I would say, most of the time, our lives don’t end up being what we want it to be. For some the picture is somehow uglier while for others the picture is slightly prettier.

Your very own soul knows that the way the current picture looks like has everything to do with how you look at it.

It might sucks. It might be alright. Maybe something inside you want it to be different. Well, you can make it better by reinterpreting what you see.

Things can always be better or worst. But truth is, duality is not real. If you find yourself at the bottom, keep in mind that this particular bottom where you think you stand makes for the top of something else.

So when we look at it from a non dualistic angle, we are always at the bottom and at the top at the same time.

For instance, on a scale of level one to level ten, what is level one? Most people would think it’s the very bottom. It is true from an higher level perspective, but if someone stands at level zero, the level one is the top.

Embracing and loving yourself at the level where you are right now is the only way to close the painful gap.

Let go of what should have been. Enjoy the current view while walking where you want to be.

I do not think there is any mistake here, my friend.

Wherever you are, if you are there, you are precisely where you need to be.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way




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