Assimilation And Differentiation

As human beings, we either assimilate/incorporate or differentiate.

We assimilate with who and with what we love and we differentiate from what we think is not representative of who we are or who we want to be.

However, most people think they have to hate in order to differentiate themselves.  For me it was a revelation to find out that I don’t have to hate someone or something to differentiate myself from it.

In fact, looking at someone who differentiate from me or from my inner being is a great way for me to find out about who I am by looking at who I am not.

There is no need to hate and discriminate to differentiate yourself from what you disagree with.

When I used to fear being like my mother, for instance, I didn’t realize I was holding myself in her vibrations.

I thought I needed to hate her in order to separate myself from her, to be me and different.

I didn’t realize that hating her for being who she is was keeping me from differentiating myself from her. In fact, by doing that, I was assimilating with her vibes.

Maybe you can relate to this. Maybe you were once scared of ending up like a family member. Maybe you are still fearing ending up like your dad or mom.

It’s a common thing, especially when we aspire to be more than them.

Well, just remember that the more you hate and fear, the more you assimilate with the exact thing you wish to differentiate from.

Higher feelings like understanding, compassion and empathy will always free you.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way




3 thoughts on “Assimilation And Differentiation

  1. There is quite a bit of wisdom here. I know I used to, let’s say “really dislike” my Dad. I went out of my way to be unlike him. Then one day I simply forgave him for being so asinine. His actions really haven’t been a source of much thought since, freeing me to be myself.

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