Throwing In The Towel?

Today, March 15, 2018, did not go as planned. I wanted to blog about what I said I would yesterday but here’s how my day went…

I first woke up around 3:00AM. Since I was one hour earlier before my actual wake up time at 4:00AM, I thought I would sleep in a little bit more.

Well, big mistake. Everything went downhill when to my grand surprise I wake up 4hours later at 7:00AM with an awful headache.

So I immediately start writing  for my other project because everything has to be out for 9AM.

I ran to a series of problems that made it impossible for me to release the article on time and was only able to finally push it at 4:00PM.

But guess what? When I clicked on the post on my Linkedin account, the link was broken! I refreshed the page… and boom. No more post.

It took every cell of my body not to throw the laptop on the fucking wall!

Thankfully the old draft from this morning was saved on NotePad++, so I’m not completely starting from scratch but almost like it since the final version I have written was totally different from the draft.

My blood is still boiling, let me tell you…

But hey… they call that “life”.

As much as I’m tempted to throw in the towel right now, I know that there’s a lesson in this situation.

Patience, persistence and endurance, my friend.

On a side note… the post I said I would do on deep wounds is still on the menu.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way


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