Energy Transfer – Do You Take On Others Energy Too Easily?

Happy Sunday :))

Sorry, I haven’t been here for two days now. Truth be told I’ve been thinking heavily about how to translate my thoughts into readable words.

I’ve been meditating on my deep wounds and to be honest with you, I think most of what we think are wounds is demonic mind control.

And I’m not referring to it in a religious or conspicuous way.

The demonic mind control that I’m talking about is social and psychological.

This is you, me, on mind control:

– I’m ugly

– I’m not good enough

– I’m the wrong race

– I’m too old or I’m too young

– I’m poor

– Everybody hates me

– Nobody has my best interest at heart

– I’m doomed

– I’m a failure

– I’m sick

– I’m alone in the world

– …etc.

After a while, those thoughts and beliefs become deep wounds, because they keep digging us down.

With that being said, I’m aware that some of us have been wounded by others when we were just children or teenagers. We’ve taken on burden that was not ours to carry.

We’ve been inflicted with intense pain that caused us to develop patterns of thoughts and beliefs that have created internal deep wounds.

What I’ve realized is that many of us unintentionally accept to take on others karma and disease through energy transfer.

It’s not that we let bad things happen to us, It’s just that there is an opened channel in us that facilitates energy transfer. This can be good or bad.

To heal my wounds, I’ve started asking myself questions like “Is this disease mine or did I accept to carry an illness that was not mine to carry and that someone willingly/unwillingly transferred to me? Are those really my thoughts and beliefs or am I channeling someone else’s and accepting as mine?”

Those are powerful questions to ask oneself.

Have you ever noticed how it’s always the victim who gets sick and rarely the abuser?

Most of the pain, worries and wounds you think are yours to carry, do not belong to you.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way






One thought on “Energy Transfer – Do You Take On Others Energy Too Easily?

  1. I became an empath later in life. At first, I didn’t know what to do with it. This swirling sensation, the constant emotional up and down. It was then that I became aware of the energy I was around. First I had to realize that what I was feeling was not my energy, but another’s, and how to differentiate the two.

    For a while I worked on the Law of Association, where those whom we commonly come into contact have greater influence on us due to energy transfer. What they are susceptible to, so are we. I locked and barred many of these points of access spiritually, which left me available to be me again.

    So yes, most of the energy we deal with is not our own. A fundamental aspect of life is dealing with the energy around us. It’s odd that we don’t even realize this, and are not being taught anything about it. It holds us in a world of make believe.

    I’ve been well for 22 years now, and the previous stint lasted for twenty. A large part of this healthy is not only managing my own energy, but also that which is around me. I decide what I let in and what I don’t. I’ve had to let quite a few things go, but to see life as it really is is more than worth it. Where our thoughts go is where and what our energy is.


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