Feeling Satisfied Is The Immediate Reward


You know  the feeling you get after you’ve finally cleaned the entire house, wash a pile of dishes or published a blog post and sent it to the world? It was hard to get started at first, but once you started, you were unstoppable.

What drives us is not so much the “have to do it”, even tho it may seems as if at first. What really keeps us going and often push us far beyond, is the concept of immediate reward. By cleaning the house, we  see instant results; the rooms look and smell good. By washing the pile of dishes that has been piling up for days we also see instant results; the dishes are clean and the fruit flies are gone. By writing and publishing a blog post, we see the likes and get rated.

All of these actions above are satisfying because they create sense of reward. But it’s not so much the reward that makes us repeat those actions time again. The reason why we are bound to repeat doing something is because we already know the end results. Therefore there is no deception nor risk taken.


Not knowing the end results create hesitation and sometimes major set-backs.

We tend to feel rewarded only when we get instant results. However, looking back at our examples, is it really because your house smell and look clean that you feel rewarded or is it because you feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment? You are satisfied because you did it.

So here’s the thing.

When you feel scared to venture on unknown territories because you don’t know the end results, you may wonder, is it going to work? What’s going to happen to me?

Remember the immediate reward stands in the feeling-satisfied-I-did-it.

Whether you land a job or not does not really mean anything. Be satisfied that you even took time to post your resume. The rest is in the Universe’s hands. Eventually, you’ll land a job. Better yet, you’ll land THA job (if you’re looking to get hired of course).

Whether your app appeals to people or not, be proud that you even took time to learn to code and try something new. The rest is in the Universe’s hands. Eventually, you’ll program something that will pick external interest.

Whether your blog is getting notice or not, the reward is in the actions you take in trying to make it happen. The rest is in the Universe’s hands. Eventually, your blog will pay off.

There is great reward in working for yourself. Never forget it. Working for yourself and being highly creative with problem-solving is the reward in itself.

Getting wiser everyday is the reward in itself.


The secret is to get started. Getting started is your first reward.

And each action you take towards your vision is another reward.

As long as you keep going, you already know the end-results.

Therefore, there is no real deception.




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