There Are No Mistakes

Do you feel like you’re making mistakes and making bad decisions all the time? Do you feel like everything you’re  doing is wrong or that you’re following the wrong path? Have  you been stuck in a spiral of regrets? Well… today, I share with you a nice little reminder in the hope to take away your stress and your worries 😉

I wish health, lots of healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, wisdom and love upon your soul.

Infinite peace and wisdom!

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10 thoughts on “There Are No Mistakes

    1. Thank you for your time Jennie. Indeed Einstein was so ahead of his time. His perspective on life was really deep because I believe he was at one with who he was… He trusted himself despite everyone telling him he was no good. I think his struggle to be accepted brought him closer to the Universe. Being in that closeness allowed him to venture where nobody else went before. It allowed him to expand and reach his full potential which allowed him to give birth to the most genius theory that explains everything. A little 2 inches theory 😉

      Have yourself a wonderful day.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!


    1. Thank thank you for your time Leeby. We live and we learn. True that. Sometimes I wish I didn’t need to make mistakes in order to learn but hey, apparently that’s how humans learn… the hard way lol.

      Stay creative 😉

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      1. Me too. Especially since I tend to learn harder than most. Apparently it’s in my Astrological make up to do things the hard way. Which is why I was born with eternal optimism, and a very thick skull.

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  1. I’m a Sagittarian. Eternally optimistic, so I can swim in the muck and come up Smiling. Double Earth element in my Chinese Elemental Birth chart reading. Relentless and stubborn. Good for shamanic shadow work and soul shard integration. Not afraid to get my hands dirty.


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