What It Means To Be Human — Transhumanism

Hi there, how’s going? Thanks for your visit. I’m finally back on regular schedule with the daily blogs. Feels good to be here. I missed you and this place. I’ve learned and realized so much while gone.

Here’s just a few things I’ve become extremely aware of :

Technology has taken over our lives. As a computer geek it does not scare me at all but it is now a brutal fact.

We are slowly becoming one with the machines. They now play an important role in our day to day lifestyle.

They are part of our human history and as they become stronger, we become weaker because the more sophisticated we’re making them, the less we feel the need to use our own brains.

And this is already happening. When is the last time you did math without a calculator? We totally rely on the machines now. We need them.

We even trust them more than we trust ourselves. Wherever we go there they go. We use them to cook, drive, work, calculate, entertain ourselves, meet people, communicate, express ourselves, walk, run, see, breathe, perform medical surgery… We use the machines for everything. We are officially now part human and part machine.

But I’m not here to scare you. As we are morphing and moving into this transhumanism area, it opens doors for us humans to redefine our humanity.

These times are perfect for giving your life new meanings and truly focusing on becoming one within.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way




4 thoughts on “What It Means To Be Human — Transhumanism

  1. Just an interesting side-line here: as fast as trans humanism is growing, so too is spiritual awakening. The two sides are developing together. In my humble estimation, perhaps an awakened core of individuals is even outstripping human strides in technological development in the ability to transform the future.

    Think of this as a conscious template with two sides working on solutions to the same problems. One solution is physical/mechanical, while the other is spiritual/organic. If a spiritual soul obtains the Keys to the Kingdom, no wrinkle in reality cannot be transformed into everlasting beauty.

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    1. Thank you ART. I agree. People are becoming more enlightened and conscious every day. Do you think that the shift experienced is related to the growth of trans-humanism? Do you think there is a correlation between humanity becoming more spiritual/human and the advancement of technology? 🙂

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      1. In a word, Yes! There is a direct correlation between growing consciousness / conscious creation and the development of trans humanism. But it is not what you think.
        There are two systems at work in the world. For simplicity, we’ll call them darkness and Light. What most do not realize is that these two are the same system. Darkness is a copycat system arranged in the opposite direction of Light.
        Darkness contends that anything that Light can do, it can also do.
        So to answer your question. Where Light is now beginning to be superhuman in its abilities, darkness is trying to keep the pace. Since darkness can not consciously create, these abilities are then developed through technology to try and match the steps afoot in the true system.

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  2. I resist this every day in my classroom. Meaning, that I bring real interaction, reading books, and hands-on learning to children. Language, manipulating tools and toys, conflict resolution, discovering nature… notice the lack of technology that pull children away? Sadly, I am required by the state to have technology in the classroom – and they’re 4 years old. So, I have books on tape and a few apps on the iPad and computer. Very minimal.


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